This was our cat Bullseye who was rescued from the barn at Monica's mom and dad's
farm in June 2002.  He was orphaned and we had to feed him with an eyedropper to keep
him alive.  When we got him, he didn't even have his eyes open yet.  He grew into a
healthy and very happy cat who had a comfortable home.

UPDATE: October 2007:
Very sadly, we had to make the decision to have the vet euthanize Bullseye due to a recurring
health problem.  He now rests near our house in a place that he used to love to look
at from the window.  He will be in our hearts forever and t
here will never be another like him.



As much as we loved Bullseye, we missed the activity of having him around the house.  In
November, we decided to foster a cat from the local Humane Society to fill the void.  We took
Peepers (approximately 3 years old, a female) into our care.  We felt bad for her as she had
been a "surrender", and she spent more than a few months in a cage.  After a while, we found
that she had a very "closed", "lazy", or "laid-back" personality, and we eventually decided to
adopt her so that we could help her to try and come out of her shell.  They say that animals
can go through depression while in a shelter, and it was evident in her case.  We weren't sure
if it was the fact that she missed her previous owner and home, or if she was just not
happy being restricted to her cage.  Whatever it was, she has moved forward and is
obviously grateful to be living with us.  She makes a wonderful lap cat!

Since Bob still really missed having a "Black Mask" cat (and one with a lot of energy) around, in
January we were fortunate to locate 3 month old Victor via  He was rescued
by a different local cat shelter along with his mother Violet and three siblings - Vinnie,
Veronica, and Valerie.  We looked at him and felt that he could provide the level of
energy that Bullseye used to entertain us with.  He certainly has done that, (even exceeding our
expectations of matching Bullseye's personality), and turned out to be great company for
Peepers as well.  Sometimes he even teaches her how to let loose and have some fun!!
When they wrestle and she is laying on the floor, it is fun to watch him turn around
and put his butt and back feet on her, somtimes he even spins around and STOMPS on her!
She takes it well though and never gets hurt or complains...instead, she wriggles out of
the hold and proceeds to chase him around the various rooms of the house!!

UPDATE: November 2013:
Sadly, Peepers had to be put to sleep on Black Friday. It truly was a black day. A cancer tumor which had been removed about two years earlier had grown back and was quite large now. I spent the whole day with her, made her comfortable, and made her last day the best possible day of her life. We played, she ate like a queen, and I gave her attention all day. She had been given the best life a cat could dream of on earth, and we were fortunate to have been blessed with the best cat a person could dream of. There will never be another like her. Her physical discomfort ended, and she now rests at the edge of the woods where I can always see her grave marker - a place that she used to love to watch from the house. Needless to say, to this day Victor still misses her too.

25 January 2004
Updated March 2014