"Twenty years from now, you will be more
disappointed by the things that you didn't do,
rather than by the things you did." 
 - Mark Twain
After reading this famous quote, it inspired me to achieve
my life's dream of flying an airplane.  On May 17, 2005, I
achieved that goal and received my "license to learn",
a Private Pilot License! Besides different scenery, every
flight presents new challenges and new learning opportunities.

AvGas for the plane, Diet Coke for the pilot!!
Here I am taking a break on the Cherokee during a flight to Medford, WI.

When not "on" the air, I enjoy being "in" the air!

This is the Piper Cherokee that I fly (rent) out of the
Stevens Point Airport (STE) as a VFR Private Pilot.


This is the cockpit of the Cherokee.  The GPS screen sure makes
navigation easy and enjoyable these days!!

Thanks to Wanda for the rental and continued education from
Am I High Aviation as well as the Stevens Point Airport staff
for the continual great service!

PS: Funny story! While taking lessons, I had to learn about, and use, VOR's which are
VHF navigational stations.  They identify themselves with a beacon using
a three letter Morse Code abbreviation.  When showing my instructor my first flight plan,
he said I was the first student that he'd taught who did not write down
the actual dots and dashes of the code.  (Yaaawn!...Being a high speed
Morse Code operator in my radio hobby, listening to this code seems slooooow!)
PS - Thanks Jake, you were also a great instructor!