The W9XY "Antenna Farm"

Some neighbors may consider it an me, it's a sight for sore eyes!!   :-)


March 2001:  Putting the mast inside the tower with the help of a bucket truck.
The mast is 22 feet long, 2" OD, with a 3/8" wall, and weighs approximately 170 pounds!!!
(Of course you should always work on tower or antenna projects when it's freezing!)

Installing the top section of Rohn 45 at the 75 foot level.
  I'm in the red jacket.

Yes, it is COLD, even on the ground.  Special thanks to my ground crew!
Shown are (L-R) KW9K, WI9H, Allen McReath (my ex-father-in-law),
WT9Q, K9WD, and KJ9I.
  (*Note: Photo intentionally shot in sepia mode.)

The tower is complete!

May 2001:  Fast forward to spring....this is the guy wire post while
down the guys.  Guys are at the 27, 54, and 81 foot levels.

I used a hay wagon to assemble the antenna(s) on.  Special thanks
to my ex-father-in-law (Allen) for the use of it.  It saved my back, was
convenient to lay the tools on during construction, and really worked great!


Chief Antenna Inspector!  Note the white masking tape on the elements used
  to protect the assembled antenna from accidental human (and deer) damage.

The professional tower riggers arrive.  Wave Communications out
of Sun Prairie, WI did an excellent job.  Thanks Steve & Darren!

The mast is still inside the base, rigged and ready to be hauled up the tower.
You can also see the PVC pipe where the cables enter the house.

Launching the 2 el 40M yagi off the wagon.

The 40M and VHF antennas are in place.

Nearly done!  Steve from Wave-Com attaching the KT36XA.

The finished project!
Cushcraft 40-2CD two element yagi at 95 feet (29M)
- over -
M2 KT36XA six element triband yagi at 83 feet (25M)
(With a couple of VHF antennas mixed in!)
Also:  160M inv vee at 75 feet (23M).  80M inv vee at 70 feet (21M).
*SPECIAL THANKS TO MY DAD who helped to engineer this project!

My house that sits below the aluminum umbrella.

 See the views from the top of the tower!